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Resources, Coaching and Community.


What is The GSE Hub?

The GSE HUB gives you all of the support, resources and guidance that you need to start, grow, run and sell your hospitality business successfully.


We work with you from the purchase of your business right through to the sale and help you to get the most from your business at every stage.


We’ve partnered with hospitality management and ownership experts to provide you with a full range of resources and services, our coaching, support and community are there for you whenever you need them.


Support is based on your specific needs and is tailored to suit your business and your time constraints. A members area full of resources coupled with 1:1 coaching when you need it makes sure you get help as and when you need it the most.


In a nutshell we have combined our knowledge, experience, contacts and resources gained from a combined 40+ years of building and selling venues within  the hospitality industry. 


We are building a resource we wish we had when we were in your position.


Inside The GSE Hub

A library of tools, templates and resources to save you time and money to plan, build, buy, run and sell your business.

Find all the tools and knowledge necessary to make the journey as easy as possible with methods used by industry leaders – now available to you.




We will work with you to give you the skills to take control of any area of your business that you need help with. Our resources will support your new knowledge to help you succeed.

Our aim is to make your business as successful as possible whilst making it as easy as possible for you to manage. 

Webinars and Q&A sessions covering all aspects relating to Planning, Buying, Leasing, Building, Operating as well as Strategy and Exit Planning.

Whether you are already open and running, or just thinking about it there will be something for you.

We’ve teamed up with industry experts to help give you the competitive edge and partner discounts.

This includes Finance, Legal, Insurance, HR and Technology.

Watch this space as we will have some exciting news soon to bring you cost benefits with respected industry suppliers.

If you are selling your business you will get leading marketing techniques and support which will help you to get your business in front of the most qualified buyers possible.

A dedicated Facebook Group set up solely for GSE Hub members.

This group is designed to give you access support from Paul, Rob, Gill, Julian, Zuzana and other GSE team members and fellow Hub members.

Unlimited email support from the GSE Team.

Start a conversation with us directly should you have questions at any stage of your hospitality journey

If you need additional support you can book in a 1:1 call to help answer any more complex questions that you might have (Platinum Membership)

The GSE Hub Members Area

The member's area is an online platform where you will find all of the tools, resources and training materials included in your membership.


The content in the membership area is constantly growing and is updated based on your feedback, needs and requests.


We cover subjects relating to every stage of your hospitality journey.

Prepare Vital Plans For Your Business

Creating a strong foundation is critical to surviving in the often harsh reality of the hospitality industry.


Businesses owners often lose their way, or rely on guesswork to make decisions. We’re also at risk of being ‘reactionary’ instead of in control of our direction.


Be prepared! Access high quality, hospitality specific planning documents in the Hub to avoid all the usual costly mistakes and habits.

Run your business like the best in the business!

The Hub is now a wealth of information, resources, tools and advice for your everyday business needs.


Every tool you need for everyday operational control of your business. We have you covered for:


- Menu Management & Profitability

- HR tools to hire, onboard and manage a fantastic team

- Performance Management tools to navigate the challenges of staff leadership

- Industry specific manuals you can personalise with your logo that will have you covered for all major workplace practices


Knowing your numbers means you can make informed business decisions and thrive as a business owner.

Get Help to Grow Your Business.

If you are looking for more sales we can help you with your marketing plans and execution to make sure that you are driving as much business as you can through the door.


We can guide you all aspects of marketing including Social Media, Websites, Email, local area marketing and much more.

Measure What Matters

Our systems, processes and tools will make sure that you are monitoring the most important areas of your business. If the numbers are not where they should be then we work with you on improving them.


We will show you how to use the information gathered to work towards a business that is easier to run, less reliant on you and ultimately worth more and easier to sell when the time comes.

Get Help to Work Out the Exact Value of Your Business.

Even if you have no immediate plans to sell your business understanding what it is currently worth is important to make sure that you are growing and that you are protecting what is most likely one of your biggest assets.   


Focusing on the value of your business will help you to look at all aspects that drive the value, this in turn helps you to have a more profitable and easier to run business.


Our appraisal tools process give you the knowledge and know how to work this out accurately.

Private Members Only Facebook Group.

The GSE Hub members Facebook Group is a community of like minded hospitality professionals sharing ideas and best practices.


The group is designed to be a supportive and positive environment where you can ask questions and share thoughts with your peers.


The group is also where you can gain access to updates about The Hub as well as coaching and support from Paul and Rob.

Supplier and Partner Discounts available to GSE Hub Members


50% Discount on monthly subscription fees

$180 discount on set-up fees plus 20% discount on mothly fees.

50% Discount off Training & Setup

50% off set up and onboarding, and discounted commission fees

Receive $50 off on your first wholesale order

Receive your 10% exclusive discount

Meet Our Team

Paul Leach

Hospitality Consultant, Certified Exit Planning Advisor and

Licensed Broker in NSW, VIC, SA and QLD

Hello, I am Paul Leach


I work with busy cafe owners to help them to grow, run and sell their businesses'


I grew up in the food business, my parents owned two very successful restaurants and I remember working (or a least thinking I was) in them from a very early age. All through school I knew I wanted to go in to the hospitality industry and the day that I started at College could not come quick enough.

In 1993 I opened my first Cafe called “Hogarth’s” and that is really where it all began. 


Since then I have built up and sold nine food businesses and loved every minute (well most of it) and learnt a lot about how the sale process works.


When running and selling my businesses I always felt that there had to be a better way to get support throughout the journey and that is where this business and The GSE HUB come from. 


I am now using the experience I gained in starting, running and selling all those businesses to help people like yourself to do the same. It works well for me as I am still involved in the industry and it helps my clients by them avoiding some of the mistakes that I made when selling my first couple of cafes – Win Win!


I would love the opportunity to show you more about how this approach can help you to grow, run or sell your business.

Julian Mero

Senior Hospitality Coach and Consultant - Brisbane Qld



Growing up in the hospitality industry with my dad owning an Italian restaurant, and my mum owning a ski lodge with a fine dining restaurant, it’s safe to say hospitality is in my DNA!


After I left school I wanted to try something different, so I entered the sporting industry, working at world class companies such as Nike Australia, FILA International and Pacific Dunlop, where I enjoyed and excelled in sales and marketing roles.


I loved my time in the sporting industry, but the itch to be part of the hospitality industry never left me, so when an opportunity came up to invest in and operate a restaurant in Brisbane, I jumped at the chance.


Over almost a decade, I invested in and operated multiple restaurants and a coffee specialty café, I became the National Operations Manager of the hospitality group – which eventually established 25 restaurants and 6 coffee specialty cafes trading under The Groove Train and Coffee Hit brands.

In 2015 we sold the business to Minor DKL – the parent company of The Coffee Club. Knowing that the sale was imminent I decided to further educate myself and completed my Masters in Business Administration at The University of Queensland.


Working for a premium national institutional landlord specialising in food and beverage leasing, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience about the site selection process, lease negotiation structures and the details of how the industries best businesses achieve favorable leases.

If you need help with the day to day running of your business, growth strategies or with any lease/landlord requirements please do not hesitate to reach out.

Zuzana Mero

Senior Hospitality Coach and Consultant - Brisbane Qld



Zuzana Mero is a culture and leadership specialist in the Food & Beverage industry with 25-year history of both corporate and hospitality experience.

In the 90’s I started my career in the crazy world of media and television production in executive administration. After a decade or so I changed my career path to hospitality – an industry I fell in love with from day one. Both careers have given me a well-rounded insight into leadership and management… mainly what works and what doesn’t!


People often have the same dream of escaping the corporate grind and opening a café or restaurant only to be faced with managing and leading people in an environment they may have no experience in. Hospitality is demanding, fast paced and often unforgiving, and so are its people! Being able to depend on those we employ is critical to our success.


I’ve been there, having moved my family thousands of miles to open a huge restaurant in a CBD location with no experience thinking it would be easy! From one to two, and then to three hectic venues, all open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’ve lived the blood, sweat and tears that only hospitality owners will understand!


Over the last 14 years I’ve continually witnessed so many stories of staff being the reason some operators close their doors and give up on their dream. Now more than ever is the perfect time to understand how to keep a motivated and productive team on board. And though it’s the hardest it has ever been with the lack of willing and available staff – I know that a part of the solution lies in how you manage and lead the staff you have, as well as the new ones you are able to find!


This is the absolute heart of my passion – working with hospitality owners to grow and keep their teams with simple, down to earth methods, followed by advising exactly how to implement systems to keep it that way. My personal goal, one café owner at a time, is to make your lives less stressful, with improved staff relationships and systems to free up your time for living a little again!

Robert Illsley

Licensed Business Broker in NSW, and ACT



Robert Illsley is a licensed Real Estate Agent running the NSW Regional and Canberra office of GSE Business Consultants who specialise in selling food businesses.


I am very passionate about hospitality and have been involved in the industry for much of my working career.


I trained as a Fine Dining Restaurant Manager and I have also been involved in the Wine Industry having spent 6 years working for one of th UK’s most well respected merchants.


In 2014 I set up my own specialty coffee shop which I ran for 4 years and I discovered a passion for broking when I came to sell my business. After a couple of bad experiences with brokers I discovered GSE and Paul showed me the right way to sell a business and he helped me to achieve a great price for my café in a reasonable time frame.


I understand that café owners are hard working people and when it comes to selling you want to entrust the sale to somebody who is as passionate about your business as you are.


I believe that selling a business works best in partnership between the broker and the seller and I work hard to gain an intimate knowledge of how your business works and what makes it special and unique and my passion and knowledge for the industry allow me to speak with authority when I am talking to buyers.


It is never too early to develop an exit strategy so if you have been thinking about selling or just want some help to understand what the process will be like when you do, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time.

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The GSE Hub will Help You in the Following Ways

  • Gain Full Control of your Business Operations

    Knowledge is power, but only if you use it, not just collect it.


    We will help you to understand what your business needs to be profitable and within your control.


    The result – confident decision making, less stress and easier financial management.

  • Support When You Need It


    Get support and advice when you need it most.


    Don't struggle on your own, let us guide you through your challenges in whatever area your business needs.

  • Avoid the Pitfalls



    Whilst running a hospitality business is not rocket science there are a lot of ways you can get it wrong. 


    We will make sure that you get the best result possible.

Take a Quick Tour of The Member's Area

This Video Explains the Difference Between Silver, Gold and Platinum Memberships

Your Monthly Investment

No Contract and No Minimum Term

Silver Membership


per month (inc GST)

  • Access to The GSE Hub Member Site

  • Tools and  Resources in the Start Your Business Section

  • Tools and  Resources in the Grow Your Business Section

  • Tools and  Resources in the Run Your Business Section

  • Support From The GSE Team via Email and the Helpdesk

  • Access to the GSE HUb Members Private Facebook Group

  • Industry Updates and Content

  • Industry Articles

  • Hospitality Courses

  • Webinars/FB Lives

Gold Membership


per month (inc GST)

  • Everything included in The Silver Membership Plus…

  • Tools and  Resources in the Sell Your Business Section

  • Full Access to HR Documents and Templates

  • Exclusive Supplier Discounts - Save more than your membership costs with multiple exclusive discounts offered by our industry partners.









Platinum Membership


per month (inc GST)

  • Everything included in The Silver and Gold Memberships Plus…

  • A one hour 1:1 consulting call (monthly) with one of the GSE Team. These are progressive sessions tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • This is a balance of coaching and consulting which aims to help you to fast track your results.

  • Whether you are starting, Growing or Selling these sessions will deliver a huge return for you and your business.




See what others have been saying

I cant recommend GSE Business Consultants highly enough. The six step process was easy to follow and very enlightening even if your not thinking of selling, it was well worth the money. GSE have been there for me all the way through, I never felt alone during the selling process. Thank you Paul and team, I got the best of both worlds - I had total control of the selling my cafe but with 100% backing of an experienced broker at a fraction of the cost.

Susan Rounce

If I could give Paul Leach and his team 20 stars I would. Paul saved me a lot of heartache and money with his experience in the first day. A company that genuinely help and put integrity and honestly over money. Thank you so much Paul

Shelly Ives

Paul from GSE is dedicated and relationship focused with on point reporting system putting this company in the ahead of its competitors and business consultants. I am pleased with the service and recommend it highly.

Rison Amin

Love working with Paul and the GSE team as our business coach. We have transformed the business under his coaching. Highly recommend his services.

Jesse Gardiner

In all the noise and confusion that is running a small business, Paul is a calm and knowledgeable voice of reason.

Liz Whitehall

I was beyond impressed with Paul. From the moment we met (he came to us), I knew he was going to do everything in his power to help us.


He knows the process like no other, and has a professionalism unsurpassed in the industry. Also, his unique financial modelling allowed us to easily pull all the relevant information together which buyers are looking for. The marketing he and his team put together for us was very impressive, it almost made us consider not selling, he made it sound that appealing :-)


His new system of billing and working is awesome, and it makes it so much easier for small businesses like ours to engage real experts like Paul.

Nick Stenmark

Worked with GSE business consultants to promote our new restaurant/bar. We found Paul to be very professional & experienced in this area. Since working with GSE we have had a big increase in trade

Harry Dodson

My experience with GSE was reassuring, that businesses can still have a caring approach. My dealings were with Paul Leach, of who i can not speak highly enough. He made a lot of sense and he listened. I wish I did not find that so rare these days. 

Stephen Conry

Thanks to Paul for his insightful, logical and realistic help. Over the course of a few conversations, he was able to help me out with some very simple, yet incredibly intelligent and concise ideas as to how to go about preparing my business for sale. His customer concern was very genuine, something I didn’t find through meeting with other brokers who just treated me like another number. Can’t recommend highly enough.

James Russell

I have tried few brokers from Canberra and rob was the best he gave it 110% at all times he genuinely cares about you and the business to get the sales across the line not like other brokers in Canberra he never gives up and gets results. ..... sold sold sold :D :D :D :D :D thanks rob

Hakan Demir

Great brokerage service. Extremely effective and professional. Rob guided us through every step of the sales process - spending many hours working with us to ensure a successful result. Very reliable and personable. Highly recommend.

James Archibald

Can not thank enough specially Rob Illsley. He has been a great advise and has been in touch throughout the process. I almost gave up but he did not and made sure deal went through

Karan Talwar

Honest, realistic and hard working. Rob was a pleasure to deal with. I have no problems recommending him.

Samer Kobayssi

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It is our intention to deliver you a high return on your monthly investment with us. If you implement and action even some of the best practices that we share with you then you should easily be able to achieve a huge return on your investment.


Like any membership ultimately you can get out as much or little as you want to, we will give you all the support, coaching and resources that we can but you need to work on your business with us, there is no magic pill!


We want you to get results and we are totally committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you work with us, utilise the resources, Q&A sessions and coaching and then take action then we will guarantee you results.


There is no minimum term and you can cancel at anytime with 7 days notice.

Paul Leach

Director GSE Business Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that we have been asked about The Hub, if you have a question that is not covered here just get in touch and we will happily answer it for you.


Who is this membership for?

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